Inspo Music of the Week: "Save Myself" by Ed Sheeran


Music is a universal language. One that is interpreted differently from person to person. What does music mean to you? Think about it; a simple beat with heart twisting, honest lyrics can change your mood through the snap of a finger.

In an effort to make your week brighter, here at Blended Magazine, we will be sharing a new song each week. This series will be positively thought provoking in hopes of getting you, the readers, to not only think about these specific songs in perhaps a new way, but also to give you a new perspective on life. So, get your source of music ready, plugged your headphones in, and open your mind.

This week's song is "Save Myself" by Ed Sheeran.

"I gave you all my energy and I took away your pain
'Cause human beings are destined to radiate or drain..."

From a young age, we are taught to help others and to share with one another. Whether it was in preschool where we had to share our crayons, or share our toys when friends came over for a playdate; sharing is caring, and it’s important to help others. I remember being told, “Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to, because it isn’t fair to just do what you want all the time.”

As we grow older, sharing tangible and materialistic things are not what matters anymore. Now, what matter is sharing feelings, emotions, attitudes, and energy. And because of that saying, “Sometimes you have to do things you don’t want to…”, we don’t know when to stop sharing these important things because we believe that we have to do this for another person. The question remaining is when do the shared doses of these very critical attributes stop? When is it enough before it begins to hurt us -- the ones who give these things away?

“…human beings are destined to radiate or drain...”

If there is a more honest statement, someone will have to tweet it to me. It seems as though all human beings have been made to either radiate or drain others. Both of these actions are committed absent-mindedly, and are most likely something we cannot fix. In some cases, we may even have each of these qualities within ourselves, though the people and settings we surround ourselves with will decide what shows. We all know how it usually goes; the more you hang out with someone, the more like them you become.

In the case of developing attitudes, energies and ways of thinking, this couldn’t be more true. The human brain can sometimes be thought of as a mirror; we see what is presented to us and then follow suit in whatever behavior or attitude that has been presented to us, simply because it is all we know. This could explain why with certain friends, we feel more chilled out or more spontaneous; it all depends on the energies that are bounced off of one another. The aura of the surroundings you have around yourself will be reflected through your actions, your attitude, and your work. People who work hard and choose to see the best in people will inspire you to do the same. That is how healthy relationships should work, though there are always possibilities of things going wrong.

“…I gave you all my energy and I took away your pain…”

Relationships are important, whether they are intimate relationships or just friendships. And in those relationships, a balance of energies is important. I believe that when someone needs another person desperately for help, they should give them their energy. Allow the drainage of energy to happen because they need it. In a healthy relationship, the other person who needed the energy from you will fill you back up. They will replace what they have taken from you in ways that you need it. In relationships, you want to be the rock for the other person, you want to be their person -- the person that they go to for everything and anything.

When they are hurt, you try to take away their pain. When they are happy, you try to keep them that way. When they are angry, you try to make things right. You try and try and try, hoping that it is enough. Sometimes, that works and all is right in the world. But, what happens when it is you that is hurt, and they don’t try to help? What happens when it is you that is happy and they are the opposite, causing them to take you down with them? What happens when you are the angry one and they don’t even realize it? What then? From experience, it’s hard to decipher if your relationships are healthy or unhealthy for you because you are so caught up in them, but when you need the other person in ways that you have been there for them, you will know.

The major take away from these lyrics is that you should help train yourself to be a radiator of positivity. Be your own ray of sunshine. By doing this, you will experience your days in a brighter light and those around you will feel your radiation. It’s always been said that a smile and laughter is contagious. Be a drainer when you need to be, when you feel as though you need someone to step in and be the light in your life because you are low. There is nothing wrong with depending on other people to help you through your days, your struggles, or any part of life. Really, that’s when you know that you’ve got a true friend. In my personal life, I choose to surround myself with people who are positive and inspirational. I’ve learned that sometimes the people that we think are truly there for us, turn out to be the ones who can’t even be there for themselves. So be there for yourself; save yourself.

Lead Image Credit: Ed Sheeran / Instagram