Millie Bobby Brown, Paris Jackson, and Lulu Tenney: A Youthful Addition to the #MyCalvins Campaign


Rising star and Stranger Things headliner Millie Bobby Brown is no stranger to making waves, especially in the fashion world. This red carpet season, she has been spotted wearing pieces from Moncler, Gucci, Armani, and most recently, Calvin Klein. 14-year-old Brown, who rose to fame with the premiere of the Netflix Sci-Fi thriller, has been at the top of the hollywood dynasty ever since, proving that age, and on-screen performance, clearly have no correlation.

In the newest Calvin Klein campaign, Brown joins Paris Jackson, who has previously been on the front covers of Harper's Bazaar and CR Fashion Book. Jackson, daughter of the late king of pop, Michael Jackson, has been making fashion statements since she was a little girl with her hippie-boho, yet glamorous touch on LA streetwear. As a philanthropist and activist on world peace and animal rights, Jackson commits to speaking out across the nation and the globe. This spring, you can see Jackson showing off her acting chops in the upcoming Amazon action comedy Gringo.

Newcomer model, Lulu Tenney, who opened and walked the Calvin Klein Fall/Winter 2017 show, is also a member in this girl gang campaign. Tenney was part of a previous Calvin Klein Underwear campaign in spring 2016. Photos from the campaign were actually removed off of many platforms, as many claimed that the photos were too suggestive, and they sexualized children due to the youthful nature of Tenney’s appearance.

Rumors of a collab have been up in the air since the three were seen in a music video for indie electronic group, The xx. The three girls were also seen sporting pieces from Calvin Klein’s underwear line this past summer. Rumors started to solidify when Brown and Jackson were spotted last week at the Calvin Klein NYFW show on February 13th, both wearing Calvin Klein.

But it's official! Calvin Klein teamed up with their new triad of It Girls for the latest installment of the #MyCalvins Campaign. The most recent Calvin Klein collab, prior to this one, was the Kardashian #MyCalvins Underwear shoot, featuring all 5 sisters and a pregnant Kylie Jenner. Other recent #MyCalvins celebrity features have included A$AP Rocky, Solange, and Justin Bieber.

While most of the CK #MyCalvins campaigns feature either the Calvin Klein underwear or Calvin Klein jeans, the latest addition works in a more modern, upscale way, commonly aligned within the brand’s luxury, ready-to-wear, CK 205W39NYC line.

The campaign, which launched yesterday, features Brown, Jackson, and Tenney posing at the same rustic barn location that Solange and the Kardashians shot their campaigns at as well, threading an Americana theme throughout the newest release of CK campaigns. So far, the launch with the three is comprised of two group photos, along with individual shots of each of the girls.

Dressed in denim and red, white and blue, Brown, Jackson and Tenney can be seen posing in the corner of the barn with the same white and red patterned quilt the Kardashians used in their shoot, and similar to the black and white one featured in Solange’s.

PHOTO: Millie Bobby Brown /  Instagram

PHOTO: Millie Bobby Brown / Instagram

This new addition to the campaign seems to be targeted towards a younger audience, as it focuses on the talented youth of the American entertainment and modeling industries. The ages of the three girls featured in the campaign range from 14 to 19 years old, clearly showcasing and celebrating a younger demographic.

Lead Image Credit: Millie Bobby Brown / Instagram

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