The Louis Vuitton VVV Exhibit Is Everything You'd Expect From a Luxury Brand


The Louis Vuitton Exhibit: Voulez, Vougez, Voyagez is everything you’d expect from a luxury brand museum and more.

Brought to New York to display Louis Vuitton’s history with travel – hence naming the exhibit ‘Voulez, Vougez, Voyagez,’ or ‘Fly, Sail, Travel’ in French – the exhibit, located downtown at the historic American Stock Exchange, gives you the luxury experience without the luxury price. Walking into each perfectly themed room let us get to know Louis Vuitton’s humble beginnings. Originally from France, Louis Vuitton started his business as a luggage and bag retailer, specializing in travel trunks. The brand did not introduce apparel until 1997 when Marc Jacobs was positioned as the fashion director.

PHOTO: Dakota Sprague / BLENDED

PHOTO: Dakota Sprague / BLENDED

Entering the exhibit was a virtual subway train with interactive art accessible through the free Louis Vuitton #NYCVVV app. Each room’s theme was tailored to a particular form of transportation and trinkets from a certain time. One room resembled an old fashion train car decked out with vintage Louis Vuitton trunks and dresses. Another had an actual sized model of an old biplane with Louis Vuitton bags balancing on its wings. And one displayed Louis Vuitton’s collaborations, including a SupremexLouisVuitton collection with a $190,000 trunk and a $68,000 skateboard and their most recent JeffKoonsxLouisVuitton: Masters collection. In the middle of this room, spotlights shine on a rotating glamour trunk with a vanity mirror, lights, and numerous cosmetic compartments, which any makeup enthusiast would drool over.

PHOTOS: Dakota Sprague / BLENDED

PHOTOS: Dakota Sprague / BLENDED


The Louis Vuitton Exhibit: Voulez, Vougez, Voyagez is an experience not to be missed. The wonderful curators gave us the opportunity to learn so much more about Louis Vuitton than from just reading information cards. An entirely candid exhibit, be sure to stop by and get some dope pics with the signature luxury label. The presentation ends on January 7th and reservations must be made on their website prior to attending.

Lead Image Credit: Nichole Lawrence / BLENDED